Until now, Rebekah Martinez was known, where she was known, as The Bachelor contestant with short hair. Now she’s likely to be remembered as the young women who launched a missing persons case by running off to join the show.

Martinez was among 35 people listed in a newspaper article this week as having gone missing in Humboldt County, California. The North Coast Journal even posted the article to its Facebook page, asking readers for help in identifying or locating the missing.

It didn’t take long before a Bachelor fan and local resident named Amy Bonner O’Brien recognized the contestant with the pixie haircut (the bob is so unusual among women on the reality show that Saturday Night Live joked about it earlier this season). “Yep,” O’Brien wrote in a Facebook comment, “Rebekah Martinez is on this season of The Bachelor.”

As explained in a North Coast Journal follow-up article, the 22-year-old Martinez posted Sept. 17 on social media that she’d be “giving up” her phone and social media for several weeks. She didn’t post again until Nov. 23, a timespan that corresponds with her Bachelor filming schedule.

On Nov. 18, her mother filed a police report, saying she last had contact with Martinez on November 12. The mother and daughter spoke later in the day on Nov. 18, though the police did not learn that until Dec. 12, and would not remove Martinez from the missing persons system until making direct contact with her.

This week, after the North Coast Journal published an article about the Facebook identification, the sheriff’s office again spoke to Martinez’s mother and, on Thursday, finally spoke to Martinez herself.

Whether local police were laughing about the wheel-spinning is unknown, but Martinez joked about her missing days in a series of tweets today.

All concerned might have been well advised to watch Saturday Night Live, when the short-haired contestant was lampooned in a Bachelor sketch. See it around the 2:20 mark here: