xXx star Asia Argento has distanced herself from a letter signed by over 100 women in the Italian entertainment industry, saying that she is waiting for “concrete gestures” before getting involved in their campaign.

The letter, titled Dissenso Comune, was published in Italian newspaper La Repubblica and organized by Romanzo Criminale and The Gunman star Jasmine Trinca.

The letter calls sexual harassment a “transverse phenomenon.”

“It is a system indeed. It is part of a structure under the eyes of all, the one that contemplates the absolute male majority in places of power, the difference in compensation for the same job, the constant and permanent sexualisation of working spaces. Gender inequality in work spaces makes women, all women, at risk of harassment as they are always subject to implicit blackmail

“We are not the victims of this system but we are the ones that now have the strength to unmask and overturn it. We do not just point the finger at a single ‘molester’. We contest the whole system. This is the time when we have stopped being afraid,” it concludes.

However, The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things director Argento, who has publically accused disgraced Weinstein Company founder Harvey Weinstein of rape, did not back the campaign and called it the “Santa Claus letter”.

“They contest the whole system but they are careful not to name names. In the next days I will speak on the subject, now I’m too pissed off,” she tweeted.

“#Dissenso Comune: aspect of concrete gestures, those that we did first: denouncing, helping each other, sharing the traumas, going down to the streets, shouting the true dissent against the patriarchy. Then we can finally unite and fight really together,” she added.

It comes after Argento appeared in Citizen Rose, the E! documentary fronted by Rose McGowan. In the doc, which premiered earlier this week, Argento and McGowan compared their stories of assault. Argento said she only remembered the first time it happened and blacked out for most of her second encounter with Weinstein. “I wish I was softer. It made me hard. It made me worse as a person,” she added.