In an effort to achieve parity in salaries throughout Hollywood, an anonymously-created TV writer survey has been circulating asking writers, writers assistants, executive assistants and showrunners assistants to share their salaries — and the entries have been eye-opening.

The Google document was posted on today and includes information from writers including their gender and whether or not they are a person of color. They also share what network or studio they work for as well as their per-episode quotes.

In the numerous entries filed, there were clear differences. A co-producer of a CW show produced by CBS that is a female of color earned $10,000 per episode while a white female co-producer at the same network produced by CBS said she earned $14,000 per episode. Meanwhile, a white male co-producer at the CW show produced by Warner Bros. said he was paid $15,500 per episode.

The survey couldn’t come at a better time considering the Time’s Up initiative, which not only combats sexual harassment but strives for equal pay. Gender pay disparity has also been making headlines, most recently with the scrutiny around the pay Mark Wahlberg received versus what Michelle Williams was given for the All the Money in the World reshoots. In addition, gender and race have been a topic when it comes to pay in Hollywood as Mo’Nique recently came forward to call out Netflix for offering less than her comedian peers Amy Schumer, Dave Chapelle and Chris Rock.