“I feel a tremendous sense of pride,” beamed This Is Us actor Sterling K. Brown upon being notified in the Golden Globes press room tonight that he made history, becoming the first black actor to win the TV lead actor drama category. Brown’s win tonight follows his best lead actor Emmy win back in the fall for playing the role of Randall Pearson on the NBC/20th Century Fox production show.

Brown described how his childhood experience imbued his performance as an adopted black child in a white family.

“He’s a fish out of water and two individuals who love him and appreciate him take him into their lives even though he doesn’t look like they do. He’s trying to find his way in the world. Growing up, my mother always told me I’d have to work twice as hard; that the world wasn’t going to react and respond in the way of my white counterparts. When those kids were making trouble, she said I wouldn’t have the same kind of latitude as them if I got in trouble. The repercussions would be different.”

The second half of season 2 of This Is Us returns to NBC on Tuesday, January 9. Immediately, we’ll learn what happens to Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) following his DUI and whether or not Randall and his wife Beth will adopt again. Randall had a nervous breakdown last season and weathered his birth father dying.

Previously in the category of TV lead actor drama, Jimmy Smits made headway for Latin Americans when he won in 1996 for NYPD Blue.