‘Star Trek: Discovery’ EPs Tease On What’s To Come On Season 1 Back-End & Themes For Season 2 – TCA

“What happens tomorrow night firmly anchors the back-half of the season,” teased Aaron Harberts on what’s to come in the debut episode of the back-end of CBS All Access series Star Trek: Discovery. Speaking to reporters after the onstage TCA panel discussion on policies and social issues on television, Harbert expounded,  “The back-half is definitely again a war story and how the war is going to play out. Your characters find themselves in a place where their identities are challenged. It’s an emotionally raw back half of the season.”

In Chapter 2, while in unfamiliar territory, the USS Discovery crew is forced to get creative in their next efforts to survive opposing and unprecedented forces and return home.

Harberts was joined onstage by co-EP Gretchen J. Berg, who defended the copious use of the Klingon language in the first nine episodes. “Because of the story we were telling about the Klingons and how they wanted to make sure they kept their race pure, from a storytelling point of view it made sense. ”

“In the back-half the audience will see fewer subtitles,” Harberts assured. “There will be a little less reading involved.

The series was renewed for Season 2, and though the writers are “still hashing out” the season, Harberts shared some tidbits on what to expect. “The second season is not a war season… we are very interested in tackling themes of science versus faith. We’ll be nine years before [Star Trek: The Original Series] and there are things from TOS that we want to do some nods to.”