When CBS announced during Grammys red carpet that reality-TV villainess turned White House staffer Omarosa had been cast in the upcoming season of Celebrity Big Brother, media broke out in an eczema of breathless headlines.

Reax on Twitter was not so enthusiastic.

Some non-fans got straight to the point:

“They lost me at Omarosa.”

Others wanted to discuss at greater length:

“This is f*cking god-awful. I mean just BADDD. I don’t think I can watch OMAROSA. Seriously, she’s the absolute worst and not just BC she so utterly annoying to watch on tv, but bc she’s complicit in black-washington Trump and I just can’t.”

And, some diehard pro-Big Brother/anti-Omarosa viewers tried to split the baby. They declared they would not watch the celebrity edition until they got word Omarosa got the hook.

Presumably CBS’s announcement is what White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was talking about when she announced last month, “Omarosa Manigault Newman resigned yesterday to pursue other opportunities.”

And, President Donald Trump having launched his political career hosting The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice, it’s possible this is what he had in mind when he wished his Office of Public Liaison communications director  “continued success” after she exited the White House under security escort in a made-for-reality-TVexit from his administration.

Omarosa was Trump’s favorite Apprentice franchise competitor/villainess. We’re looking forward to the President of the United States’ official tweets about the BB edition as it unfolds

According to CNN contributor April Ryan, Omarosa left the Trump administration, not to compete on the CBS reality series, but because White House Chief of Staff John Kelly “was tired of all the drama.”

The firing did not sit well with Omarosa, who wanted to know if Trump had signed off on it. Informed he had, she wanted to talk to Trump anyway. Kelly did not think much of that idea. So, as reported by Ryan, Omarosa tried to go see Trump in the White House residence and got stopped by security, who alerted Kelly. Kelly, the former Secretary of Homeland Security and a Marine Corps general, told Secret Service to remove her. Omarosa was escorted off the property, Ryan said, though Secret Service insisted it wasn’t them who did the actual escorting.

“We have never seen anything like that. There is decorum,” Ryan complained, on CNN, back then.

Fortunately, Big Brother had never heard of decorum.


Here are some of the many reactions to the casting of Omarosa.




In fairness some, who took to Twitter after hearing the news, heartily approved: