Well, it’s not Leslie Jones dressed as Will Ferrell, but this week’s Saturday Night Live promo with Natalie Portman has its charms, including a griping Kenan Thompson.

“I’ve saved worlds,” narrates Portman as the slo-mo, glam-shot video begins. “I’ve decimated evil, I’ve fallen in love, I’ve killed, I’ve died, I’ve conquered. But those were only characters. This Saturday, I’ll show the world what I, Natalie Portman, can do.”

Cut to Thompson and fellow cast member Pete Davidson, waiting not-so-patiently to get to their dressing rooms while Portman poses. “Well, it seems that Kenan’s needs have been compromised yet again,” Thompson says, before the spot’s twist.

Saturday’s episode will mark Portman’s second time as host, timed to the February 23 release of Paramount’s Annihilation, the Alex Garland-directed sci-fi thriller starring Portman as a grieving biologist who signs on for a secret expedition into alien territory.

SNL‘s musical guest this week is first-timer Dua Lipa, riding her chart hit “New Rules.”

Take a look at the promo above.