UPDATED with official confirmation and first photo from the CBS This Morning set: CBS News has confirmed that its Face the Nation anchor John Dickerson will take over Charlie Rose’s vacant seat on CBS This Morning, joining Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King as co-hosts full time beginning tomorrow. The official announcement comes as the current incarnation of the morning show hits its sixth year.

CBS News also released a first-look photo of Dickerson on the set with his new co-host colleagues. Check it out below.

“John’s impressive track record and strong all-around journalism extends our commitment to real news coverage every morning at CBS News,” said CBS News boss David Rhodes in making the announcement. “Gayle and Norah continue to show tremendous leadership on our morning broadcast each day. Colleagues, newsmakers and peers all appreciate the depth and context John Dickerson brings to every discussion of the day’s events – together with his co-hosts, he will project our best values on every broadcast.”

PREVIOUS, 7:01 AM: CBS News’ Face the Nation host John Dickerson is expected to be named co-host of CBS This Morning. He would be taking over for Charlie Rose, who was fired by CBS in November in the wake of a Washington Post report detailing his unwanted sexual advances and misconduct involving eight women at his PBS interview program. Nothing official yet from CBS News, though sources are talking and word spread quickly.

Naming Dickerson to the gig would signal the show is holding steady with its fluff-free format. The highly respected Dickerson would restore respectability to the chair, after the ick of Rose’s exit.

Dickerson would join CTM co-hosts Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, who upstaged reports about Dickerson’s expected move Tuesday morning with talk about her BFF Oprah Winfrey’s thoughts on running for POTUS in 2020 since her Sunday Golden Globe Awards speech proved to be a barn burner.

NBC News had a similar morning show problem with Matt Lauer, giving him the sack from Today show only about a week after CBS News jettisoned Rose. But NBC moved more quickly naming his replacement, decided not go go with another male co-host and opted instead for Hoda Kotb, who is very familiar to, and well liked, by Today viewers.

Today’s ratings actually benefited from that swap-out; TBD on CTM.

In the wake of WaPo‘s report on Rose, CBS News revealed there had also been allegations of Rose misconduct inside its halls, after 2011, which is later than the Post had reported.

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