With Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show taping on the West Coast, he had time to get The New York Times‘ late-breaking blockbuster report into Thursday’s monologue.

“The NY Times had a bombshell story tonight –just came out a few minutes ago,” Kimmel informed his studio audience. “They reported the President ordered White House counsel Don McGahn to fire Robert Mueller, who of course is running the Russia investigation, but then backed off when McGahn threatened to quit if he did.” Which, even Kimmel knew, though Trump apparently did not at the time, would have been a disaster for Trump.

“And still might be a disaster now that this information has been released,” Kimmel added. “Because you can’t just fire every guy who investigates you. I mean, essentially he’s running the White House by the exact same rules of The Apprentice…He’s like, ‘Nobody had a problem when I fired Meatloaf!’.”

According to the Times, Trump said Mueller has a conflict of interest because, years ago, a dispute over fees caused Mueller to cancel his membership at the Trump National Golf Club in Virginia.

“Of course, it’s about golf. It’s always all about golf!” Kimmel marveled, of Trump’s presidency.

“You know the last time Trump fired someone from the FBI it was Jim Comey, and it led to Robert Mueller getting hired,” Kimmel noted. “If he fires Mueller, maybe they’ll put special investigator Hillary Clinton on the case. Who knows?”

Kimmel speculated Richard Nixon right now “must be rolling around in his grave, going ‘How does he do it?’”