President Donald Trump’s first annual Dishonest & Corrupt Media Awards were a nice thought, but lousy on execution, Jimmy Kimmel noted on his ABC late night show. Trump had tweeted a link to a list of “winners” on, which immediately crashed and showed only the message: “404 Error: Don’t worry we’re making it great again” for more than an hour.

To demonstrate to Trump how it should be done, Jimmy Kimmel Live held its first annual Dishonest & Corrupt President Awards.

First category: Best Fabricated Numbers went to his bogus claim in an ABC News interview that there could have been 35M million illegal votes for Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. It beat his inflated claim about his net worth, and his  bogus boast about holding the record for most Time magazine covers.

Trump’s insistence he loves Mexican people won the competition for Least Convincing Display of Love, beating his whopper about loving women, among other competitors.

Big award of the night, Outstanding Achievement in Obama Fan Fiction, was a stiff competition. In the running: Trump’s claim Obama was born in Kenya, Trump’s insistence Obama is “a Muslim,” and Trump’s well-received rally rant that Obama” “is the founder of ISIS, okay? He’s the founder; he founded ISIS!”