Eric Tsang, star of Hong Kong crime drama Infernal Affairs, which was remade by Martin Scorsese as The Departed, has filed legal action against modelling chief Grace Han over allegations of sexual assault.

Tsang announced that he had filed a lawsuit against Han, who was previously Asia-Pacific President of Ford Models, after she claimed that he had sexually assaulted several young models. Han made the claims on Chinese social media site Weibo, which come after similar claims about Tsang raping actress Yammie Lam, which he denies, resurfaced online.

In a press conference held in Hong Long, Tsang said: “The Internet brings people a lot of convenience, but people have also used it by taking advantage of the innocence of ‘netizens’ to write things that hurt others. After that, these people do not have to answer for their actions as well.

“Before, I would always choose not to engage these kinds of reports, because if I know I am innocent, then why should I respond and give them what they were looking for? But that is no longer the case in the Internet age. If you let these people get away with it, then Internet violence will only get worse, and it will be even harder for the truth to be revealed.”

Tsang, who also previously starred alongside Johnny Knoxville and Jackie Chan in martial arts comedy Skiptrace, added that he would not speak further about the claims until the legal action was over.