EXCLUSIVE: Ina Petersen, a young entrepreneur with a global background, has launched Inner Voice Artists, an LA-based international management and production firm. The goal, says the multi-lingual Petersen, is to “promote bridges instead of borders” by creating more opportunities for actors and filmmakers from around the world.

Petersen grew up overseas, living in Sweden, Norway and Spain, and graduated from Harvard in 2013. She later worked as an assistant at CAA, and most recently at Nick Meyer’s Sierra/Affinity.

In launching Inner Voice, she tells Deadline she wanted to “form something specially tailored to more international voices and artists” that would introduce Hollywood to overseas talent early on in the process.

Currently a one-woman show, Inner Voice is in discussions with potential partners and will look to expand in the next year. It has already signed several clients. Among them: Spanish filmmaker Clara Roquet, who’s short El Adios received the National Board of Review’s Student Grant in 2015; Danish actor Johannes Lassen (Below The Surface); Norway’s Anneke von der Lippe, winner of an International Emmy for Eyewitness; Irish actor Jack McEvoy (Vikings); Norwegian actor Martin Furulund (Monster); Australia’s Madison Daniel (Neighbors, Seven Types Of Ambiguity) and more.

Says Petersen, “During a time when our industry is in desperate need for novelty, versatility and diversity, I am looking to tell stories with strong universal messages that are going to appeal to the global audience of all corners of the world regardless of language, nationality and ethnicity.”

She adds, “With the market rapidly changing and becoming increasingly more globalized, and with the increase of international co-productions and streaming platforms, it is the perfect timing to create this niche company.”