What if you held a social protest and an awards show broke out? That’s what happened tonight at the 75th annual Golden Globe awards. The pre-show red carpet was a somber affair as women chose the moment to share with a global audience the unprecedented awakening of a decades-old pattern of sexual assault and harassment perpetrated against women in the film and TV business. The theme carried over to the Globes the way #OscarsSoWhite did two years ago during the Academy Awards, with mentions throughout of the #MeToo movement and female empowerment, from ad-libs to forceful speeches from Cecil B. DeMille Award winner Oprah Winfrey and more.

Here’s how we called the action Sunday:

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:02 pm

Well, the sexual harassment and “new era” quips came fast from Seth Meyers

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:02 pm

Straight into the topic of the day — and the year: “Good evening, ladies and remaining gentlemen,” Seth Meyers said. “It’s 2017 – marijuana is allowed and sexual harassment finally isn’t.” 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:03 pm

What else could we expect and here is the first Donald Trump jab via North Korea and Seth Rogen

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:04 pm

Harvey Weinstein booed in 20 years during the in memorium? wow have things changed in Hollywood.

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:05 pm

It seems awkward as Seth Meyers changes gears and lambastes Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and then he talks about Daniel Kaluuya or Willem Dafoe.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:06 pm

Woody Allen dig now … Is Meyers just getting all the accused out there off the top and the rest of the show will go for the usual HFPA bacchanalia

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:07 pm

Awkward is the polite word Mike  …so good roosting Trump night after late night, Meyers seems to be sweating through the topic of the night

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:09 pm

Oprah for POTUS & Tom Hanks for VP joke is a little too insider baseball with Meyers having to explain the background and Trump getting razed at the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Dinner — maybe it made him decided to run for the White House, maybe not

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:09 pm

Seth, come back to us.

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:11 pm

Wow this is getting painful!

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:11 pm

Like dental surgery painful. This in the crowd thing makes me think they are either auditioning Amy Poehler as next year’s host or trying to guilt Jimmy Kimmel (master host of hosts in my view) to front the 2019 Globes

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:13 pm

Kimmel is a lifer for the Oscars, i hope. It makes one wonder how Ricky Gervais might have done, but he likes to lacerate the people in the room, not beat up on those who aren’t in the room.

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:14 pm

This is the lightest on Trump jokes opening monologue since before the election. I don’t think the President was even mentioned by name. Huge difference from the Stephen Colbert-hosted Emmys in September.  

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:15 pm

WINNER: Best Actress in a Limited Series – Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:18 pm

Nicole Kidman, in repeating her Emmy win, fits into the theme of the night. She speaks of “power of women” and of her mom, who took part in the women’s movement. Like at the Emmys, she also addresses abuse, which was a central topic on ‘Big Little Lies’. 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:18 pm

Nicole Kidman with the longest acceptance speech in history. Will they dare play off women who go on and on, if they might say something about #metoo. Perhaps men deserve to be the ones played off this year

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:18 pm

Is there an award for best acceptance speech? Off the bat, Nicole Kidman hit a home run and rounded all the bases

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:19 pm

WINNER: Best Supporting Actor in a Film – Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:19 pm

WINNER: Best Actress in a Limited Series – Nicole Kidman, Big Little Lies

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:20 pm

For obvious reasons, the tone is truly very different for this year’s Globes – at least until several more glasses of wine are consumed

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:21 pm

Sam Rockwell is a surprise in Three Billboards. The Best Supporting Actor category is the most stacked I have ever seen it. I thought Willem Dafoe was going to win, but Plummer, Jenkins, Hammer. It’s a pick em for the Oscars.

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:21 pm

Nicole Kidman, in repeating her Emmy win, fits right into the theme of the night. She speaks of “power of women” and of her mom, who took part in the women’s movement. Like at the Emmys, she also addresses abuse, which was a central topic on ‘Big Little Lies’. 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:22 pm

The clean and sober Globes is walking a very thin line tonight so far. I say things start loosening up after the Best Animated Film is handed out

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:25 pm

That New York Times “truth” ad we all heard about was heartfelt but very understated

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:27 pm

With all the very serious issues on the front burner tonight at the first awards show since the NYT’s October 5 Harvey Weinstein post unveiled the vile depths of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the industry, understatement only works for so long. Oprah won’t be so restrained I think when she gets up for Cecil B DeMille Awards

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:27 pm

Wow, a standing ovation for Jennifer Aniston!

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:28 pm

Wait is that Carol Burnett?

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:28 pm

Was that former Attorney General Eric Holder standing up for Carol Burnett? 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:29 pm

Joe Biden is in town on Wednesday plugging his new book … is the ex-VP the big political surprise guest of the night? Is there one? 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:29 pm

I’m amazed how little Trump attacks there have been so far .. little fire or fury on that front

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:30 pm

WINNER: Best Actress TV Series Musical/Comedy – Rachel Brosnahan, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:31 pm

Hear me now, this is the first of more than a few wins for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel tonight. Which will make Jeff Bezos happy, even if Rachel Brosnahan didn’t mention him … or ex Amazon execs

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:31 pm

Yep, it looks like the HFPA is once again going for an Amazon comedy after the double wins for ‘Transparent and ‘Mozart’ In the Jungle’. Extrapolating the trend, ‘Mrs. Maisel’ is now a frontrunner for best comedy. Brosnaha thanked “”everyone at Amazon” without mentioning ousted Amazon Studios bosses Roy Price and Joe Lewis.

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:32 pm

WINNER: Best Actress TV Series Drama – Elisabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:33 pm

Handmaid’s Tale has that Emmy wind at their back and this will not be their first win of the night either

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:34 pm

I know everybody is wearing black, but this show is sooo serious it’s beginning to feel a bit like a funeral.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:36 pm

Hollywood is in mourning Mike, in more way than one. 

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:38 pm

Yep, it looks like the HFPA is once again going for an Amazon comedy after the double wins for ‘Transparent’ and ‘Mozart’ In the Jungle’. Extrapolating the trend, ‘Mrs. Maisel’ is now a frontrunner for best comedy. Brosnahan thanked “everyone at Amazon” without mentioning ousted Amazon Studios bosses Roy Price and Joe Lewis.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:38 pm

I bet Oscars producers are watching very carefully trying to figure out how to stay on point about sexual harassment and sexual assault in this post-Weinstein world and turn the spotlight of celebration on the nominees. To paraphrase Mr. T, I pity them. Seth Meyers is a scathing host and he and the Globe writers are clearly struggling to find their voice tonight

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:39 pm

“Stable genius” remark — God, you can tell that is where Meyers really wants to go with a full Trump salvo

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:39 pm

Meher Tatna, new president of HFPA, in a beautiful red dress, apparently didn’t get the memo about wearing black

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:43 pm

WINNER: Best Actor TV Series Drama – Sterling K. Brown, This Is Us

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:44 pm

I am looking at Liev Schreiber in Ray Donovan and wondering why nobody paid much attention to the amazing swan song performance that Paula Malcomson turned in as Ray’s dying wife, Abby. Incredible, brave performance. Too bad the Golden Globe voters didn’t watch. 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:45 pm

Really surprised that The Good Doctor’s Freddie Highmore was given the Best Actor TV Series Drama. After that speech, really glad Sterling K. Brown won 

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:45 pm

It’s incredibly rare for the Globes to follow the Emmys so closely. Three out of for TV winners so far also triumphed at the Emmys, Sterling K. Brown, Elisabeth Moss and Nicole Kidman. 

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:46 pm

WINNER: Best TV Series Drama – The Handmaid’s Tale (Hulu)

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:46 pm

They lambaste movies for sequels and milking derivative concepts, but how about TV bringing back Roseanne, this after digging up Will and Grace. What’s next, Miami Vice? Cheers?

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:46 pm

Well, make that four out of five TV winners tonight that repeat from the Emmys. This is pretty unprecedented. 

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:48 pm

Actually, NBC is developing a reboot of ‘Miami Vice’ with Vin Diesel producing, so that may be coming soon too. 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:51 pm

Seth Meyers ought to come out and do something. The Globes were always fun with the attendees getting loaded at their tables. I respect the seriousness of themes surrounding this gathering, but this is by far the dullest, most self serious awards show I can recall.

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:52 pm

Is Seth meyers trying to make Seth Rogen what Matt Damon is to Jimmy Kimmel? Because it isn’t working.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:55 pm

Margaret Atwood – we miss you and your purse, get well

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:55 pm

WINNER: Best Supporting Actor TV Series/Limited Series/TV Movie – Alexander Skarsgard, Big Little Lies

Dominic Patten January 7, 20185:55 pm

Seth Rogen is many things but he is no Matt Damon

Mike Fleming January 7, 20185:56 pm

He is going to be Walter Cronkite, in a big movie, Seth Rogen is

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20185:57 pm

And we are at five out of six TV wins that mirror the Emmys with Skarsgard’s Globe. 

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20185:58 pm

WINNER: Best Original Score – Alexandre Desplat, The Shape of Water

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:00 pm

WINNER: Best Original Song – “This Is Me,” The Greatest Showman

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:01 pm

So many good intentions in tonight’s Globes, but also a ticket to Dullsville USA in so many ways. Mirroring the Emmys isn’t helping. Where’s the whacked out HFPA we know and love to mock? I’m sorry, come back

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20186:02 pm

The Kelly Clarkson-Keith Urban harmony is a rare amusing moment on what continues to be a somber affair. No singing from Mariah, maybe there was no hot tea backstage. 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:06 pm

Somber? What else is on TV tonight?

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:09 pm

WINNER: Best Actor Motion Picture Musical/Comedy – James Franco, The Disaster Artist

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:10 pm

James Franco’s award richly deserved. When has an actor so fully thrown himself into a role like he did? We’ve been quoting Tommy Wiseau lines since watching that movie.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:11 pm

Are things about to go traditional Globes crazy? Yes sir with Franco, Tommy Wieau and those accents … and they are playing him off

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:12 pm

Tommy Wiseau four walled The Room in theaters for an extra couple of weeks, so he would qualify for an Oscar. If this Globe victory for James Franco carries toward oscars, maybe Wiseau will get his wish. Another sign of the apocalypse?

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:12 pm

I just want to point out my prediction batting average looking pretty good so far. As I said on MSNBC this morning 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:13 pm

Pretty full of yourself, are you there, Dom?

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:15 pm

As a Walking Dead diehard and hence a fan of the apocalypse I would welcome that Franco and Wiseau wish fulfillment. Franco often spreads himself too thin but with The Disaster Artist and HBO’s The Deuce, the ex-Oscar co-host is focused and proving a winner

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:16 pm

Just sayin, my man, just sayin — if I was a betting man …..

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:16 pm

Mike, besides the yawn factor as a show itself, how is tonight’s Globes meeting your predictions expectations?

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:16 pm

WINNER: Best Supporting Actress TV Series/Limited Series/TV Movie – Laura Dern, Big Little Lies

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:17 pm

I thought it might suck, and so far, spot on.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:18 pm

OK, but what about who you thought would win? 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:19 pm

Laura Dern hits the employment button in her speech– smart move

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:20 pm

Can we give Alison Janney every award available – even the ones for Best Pet Shoulder cameo and Best Awards Show Dismissive aside? She was fantastic in the fantastic I, Tonya

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20186:20 pm

The sweep of ‘Big Little Lies’ continues, with Laura Dern topping fellow Emmy winner Ann Dowd in the hodgepodge supporting category. The show will move to the drama series category now that it was renewed for a second season.  

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:21 pm

WINNER: Best Animated Feature – Coco (Disney)

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:25 pm

Dwayne Johnson’s line about loving charitable causes, and that’s why he lets Kevin Hart be in his movies is about the only funny thing in about the last hour. Does anybody remember laughter?

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:28 pm

Hey, hey Mr. Fleming, did you just lift a line from Led Zep’s Robert Plant? Dreaming of the Grammys?

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:29 pm

WINNER: Best Supporting Actress Motion Picture – Allison Janney, I, Tonya

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:30 pm

Tonya Harding in the house!!!!

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:30 pm

I don’t see how Allison Janney doesn’t win Best Supporting Actress Oscar for I, Tonya. Hilarious performance, mixed expertly with the subtext of her portraying a loveless woman who forged her daughter Tonya Harding’s skating expertise with coldness and brutality. As a bird pecked at her ear, the entire film.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:31 pm

With a great passionate speech, Alison Janney is proving my point – she should win ever award. But did they actually try to play her off? The first woman of the night – not so cool 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:32 pm

Not enough people have seen I, Tonya. too bad the Globes doesn’t show us why her performance is so exceptional. why take time away from these endless speeches.? The Golden Globes is making C-Span feel compelling.

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:35 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture Screenplay – Martin McDonagh, Three Billboards

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:36 pm

Brilliant script by Martin McDonagh for Three Billboards. I thought his script for In Bruges was as close to a perfect, seamless script as it gets.

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:39 pm

Are you guys surprised that nobody is taking shots at Trump?

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:43 pm

WINNER: Best Foreign Language Film – In the Fade (Germany/France)

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:46 pm

WINNER: Best Actor Limited Series or Made for TV Movie – Ewan McGregor, Fargo

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:47 pm

Robert De Niro lost? Are we about to have a La La Land/Moonlight moment? Naw, Ewan McGregor did great double duty in the last season of Fargo but that was likely the shocker of night so far

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20186:49 pm

Well, De Niro also lost at the Emmys, that time to Riz Ahmed of ‘The Night of’. 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:50 pm

I know but at the Globes? I mean how many times have HFPA members dined at a Nobu? Just sayin!

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20186:50 pm

MGM TV is adding a ‘Fargo’ win to its two far ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’.

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:51 pm

Fox Searchlight has won three of the eight film awards so far. Three Billboards has won two and The Shape of Water won one. I’m declaring right here that Francis McDormand wins in her category. Disney, the studio which acquired Fox and will decide the future of Fox Searchlight, has won only one award, for Coco.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:52 pm

Francis McDormand for sure … and well deserved

Mike Fleming January 7, 20186:53 pm

The Globes made a tactical error, getting so caught up in the sex harassment vibe that it didn’t intersperse enough humorous interruptions from Seth Meyers, or anything funny, at all. The clips of the films and TV programs are so brief, especially in the nominated categories that are shown. 

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20186:53 pm

Ewan McGregor was great but it would’ve been a great TV moment if Kyle MacLachlan had won for ‘Twin Peaks’ 17 years after winning for the original series. 

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:53 pm

Hallie Berry introducing Get Out clip is a sad reminder how one of the Top 3 pics of 2017 was ultimately overlooked

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:54 pm

WINNER: Best TV Series Musical or Comedy – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:55 pm

More Maisel! I will be collecting my betting winnings and my car at the same time kind sir. And a Spanks quip

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20186:57 pm

WINNER: Best Actor TV Series Musical or Comedy – Aziz Ansari, Master of None

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20186:59 pm

Aziz is getting a moment on stage after letting Lena Waithe do all the talking when the two won best writing in a comedy series Emmy. It was a historic first win in the category for a black female writer.  

Dominic Patten January 7, 20186:59 pm

Thanking Italy and the HFPA feels a bit redundant — or am I being mean? I don’t know anymore in this performance art version of an awards show. Even Sundance isn’t this earnest.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:01 pm

Here’ s my bottom line – either dive in to the topic that is on everyone’s mind and let the justified anger emerge or go for the self mocking gags about how lame the Globes are. Clearly going for a balancing act is just standing in the middle of the road waiting to get hit

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20187:01 pm

Another milestone for streaming services — winning both the best drama and comedy series categories as well as three of the four lead actor/actress fields. 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:02 pm

Our Pete Hammond reporting that Call Me By Your Name producer Rodrigo Teixeira has filed a protest with AMPAS, appealing his omission from the nominated producers in the Producers Guild’s announcement of Best Picture nominees. Several producers didn’t make the cut including Howard Rosenman, who along with Peter Spears, were the first producers on the project. Teixeira told Hammond that it was agreed in advance that Rosenman and James Ivory would stand aside, but not him. Teixeria said he worked three years on that film but had a child in the hospital and missed many days on the set. The Academy could make an exception, but they have mostly taken the Producers Guild vetting system to heart. This came about because the PGA watched an excess of producers getting credits to the point it was becoming a joke. Stay tuned. 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:05 pm

Wow, Reese Witherspoon’s intro of Oprah Winfrey is putting her on the level of deity. It makes you miss the Dave Letterman Oscar hosting stint, where we got a steady evening of Uma, Oprah. Oprah, Uma.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:05 pm

Can we lodge a protest about how weak this Globes are? Reese Witherspoon’s praise of Orpah’s hugs ahead of Cecil B. DeMill award is one of strongest muscle flexed tonight so far

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:06 pm

This Globes need Oprah, Mike

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:10 pm

How about some fun?

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:14 pm

Oprah’s speech is the highlight of the evening. Well done.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:16 pm

A bright highlight and passionate spotlight

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:18 pm

Natalie Portman, taking a gender shot at the all male director nominees.

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20187:18 pm

WINNER: Best Director Motion Picture – Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:20 pm

This is del Toro’s moment and his year

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:20 pm

Wow, Guillermo del Toro, looking svelte and winning Best Director Prize over Steven Spielberg and the other nominees. He has always been a visual genius. Many felt he got close to greatness with Pan’s Labryinth. But he has put together all his talents with Shape of Water, a wonderful fairy tale. And another win for Fox Searchlight.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:21 pm

Pal, you got a minute and a lot more. 

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20187:27 pm

WINNER: Limited Series/Made for TV Movie – Big Little Lies (HBO)

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20187:29 pm

‘Big Little Lies’ completes its sweep and validates HBO’s decision to pick up a second installment. 

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:32 pm

Did they just really show the accountants to tease the Best Picture categories? It’s Ernst & Young, not Price Waterhouse Cooper, which sent last year’s superb Oscarcast off a cliff when a starstruck bean counter assigned to deliver awards envelopes was distracted tweeting star photos and handing  the wrong envelope to Warren Beatty.

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20187:35 pm

WINNER: Best Actress Motion Picture Musical or Comedy – Saoirse Ronan, Lady Bird

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:35 pm

Accountants count as action in tonight’s dragging Globes

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20187:44 pm

WINNER: Best Picture Musical or Comedy – Lady Bird (A24)

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:49 pm

Two big wins for Lady Bird, Best Picture and Best Actress. The Globes usually are some kind of indicator of Oscars, but the hardware is being scattered so far and wide it is difficult to clear up what is the most wide open Best Picture race in years.

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20187:52 pm

WINNER: Best Actor Motion Picture Drama – Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour

Mike Fleming January 7, 20187:54 pm

Gary Oldman’s win for Darkest Hour cements him as front runner for Best Actor Oscar. Hard to imagine that in a career filled with crazy good performances, he has only been Oscar nominated once. That will change, and perhaps he’ll win one, despite the presence of perennials Denzel Washington and Daniel Day-Lewis, latter in his final performance.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20187:55 pm

Words I never expected to hear at the Golden Globes – “Thank you Winston Churchill!” Can we make that a tradition?

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20187:57 pm

Gary Oldman succeeded after John Lithgow came up short last year when he was nominated but did not win for portraying Winston Churchill on ‘The Crown’. He went on to win an Emmy. BTW, he also thanked the iconic politician. “First and foremost, I want to thank Winston Churchill. In these crazy times, his life reminds us what courage and leadership in government looks like.”

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20188:00 pm

WINNER: Best Actress Motion Picture Drama – Frances McDormand, Three Billboards

Mike Fleming January 7, 20188:03 pm

This firms Fran McDormand’s place as frontrunner for Best Actress Oscar in her best work since the original Fargo. Not a false note in the movie.

Patrick Hipes January 7, 20188:06 pm

WINNER: Best Motion Picture Drama – Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri (Fox Searchlight)

Mike Fleming January 7, 20188:07 pm

Seems hard to believe a woman hasn’t won the Best Director prize here since Streisand did in 1984. but then it seems hard to believe that Patty Jenkins took 14 years between directing features, from Monster to Wonder Woman. You can feel the ground shifting, and we’ve written far more stories in the last year of movies getting green lit with female directors.

Dominic Patten January 7, 20188:07 pm

Shutting out The Post and snatching what many thought was The Shape of Water’s, Three Billboard’s win is the type of  curveball the Globes excels at and rarely saw tonight. Whole new Oscar race now

Mike Fleming January 7, 20188:13 pm

Three Billboards winning Best Drama confuses Best Pictures. It is a surprise that The Post came away empty handed. The big winner was Fox Searchlight, which walks away with a total of six awards, between Three Billboards and The Shape of Water. A good showing for Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley as Disney ponders whether it wants to add a prestige film business to its silo of Pixar cartoons, superheroes, animated classics remakes and Star Wars sequels and spinoffs.

Nellie Andreeva January 7, 20188:14 pm

On the TV side, it was a big night for the streaming services, which virtually swept the series categories, including for the first time both best comedy and drama with Hulu’s ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and Amazon’s ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’, and for HBO’s ‘Big Little Lies’.  

Mike Fleming January 7, 20188:25 pm

The final grade on the 75th Golden Globes is that it was strong on politics, but it was hard pressed to overcome the serious overtones of the sexual harassment scandals that have paralyzed Hollywood. Seth Meyers started that tone with some good material on the subject, but then he seemed to disappear so completely that you forgot who the host was. Maybe he gets another chance next year, when there might be room for more levity. But the Globes in past years has often been more fun than the Oscars because of the rigid format of the latter and the obligatory below the line categories and speeches by people you’ve never heard of that bog down the Oscarcast. This Globes was so politicized, not with Trump barbs but the shameful secrets in Hollywood’s own backyard, that perhaps it was impossible to expect an entertaining show. There were certainly organic highlights, most significantly Oprah Winfrey’s electric speech that summed up the crisis and honored the victims who are still coming forward. But there was little room for fun this year.