Fargo is not gone,” FX boss John Landgraf assured during the network’s winter TCA executive session this morning in Pasadena

The CEO said creator Noah Hawley “has an idea which excites me enormously for a fourth cycle. The plan is to have that ready for 2019. I’m focused on what will come in 2018, but our anticipation is that there’s another cycle in 2019.”

Coming out of ATX festival in June, Hawley was unsure whether there would be more Fargo. 

“Please don’t tell people this is the end,” Hawley told us following ATX. “Right now, I just can’t point to [a production start] date on the calendar.” He said during the Legion session today that “it’s still early” in regards to what Season 4 of Fargo will center on. There’s a book in the works that looks back on all three seasons. But he wants Fargo to be something special for its viewers; Hawley doesn’t want to rush into it. “I don’t want people to say, ‘Oh, that thing.'”

Up next this summer, Hawley will direct Pale Blue Dot, which Reese Witherspoon just stepped away from, and then he returns for Season 3 of Legion later in the year.

Hawley had to head into production on Legion, plus there were a number of feature projects he was juggling to get into production in 2018.