Picked up to series; 10 episodes
STUDIO: Paramount Television
TEAM: Tracy Oliver (w, ep), Karen Rosenfelt (ep), Scott Rudin (ep)
LOGLINE: A group of women in New York City band together after their marriages fall apart and find strength in their sisterhood — and, of course, a little revenge. Based on the 1996 film.

68 WHISKEY (working title)
STUDIO: Imagine Television Studios/CBS TV Studios
TEAM: Ron Howard (d, ep), Roberto Banabib (w, ep), Francie Calfo (ep), Zion Rubin (ep), Efrat Shmaya Dror (ep), Danna Stern (ep)
LOGLINE: A multicultural mix of men and women is deployed as Army medics to a forward operating base in Afghanistan nicknamed “The Orphanage.” Together, they endure a dangerous and Kafkaesque world that leads to self-destructive appetites, outrageous behavior, intense camaraderie and occasionally, a profound sense of purpose. Adapted from the Israeli series Charlie Golf One.