Ordered straight to series
STUDIO: A+E Studios/Compari Entertainment
TEAM: David O’Leary (w), Robert Zemeckis (ep), Jack Rapke (ep), Jackie Levine (ep)
LOGLINE: Chronicles the true top-secret U.S. Air Force-sponsored investigations into UFO-related phenomena in the 1950s and ’60s, known as “Project Blue Book.” It follows Dr. J. Allen Hynek, a brilliant college professor recruited by the Air Force to spearhead this clandestine operation that researched thousands of cases, many of which were never solved. Each episode will draw from the actual files, blending UFO theories with authentic historical events from one of the most mysterious eras in U.S. history.
CAST: Aidan Gillen, Laura Mennell, Michael Harney, Ksenia Solo, Michael Malarkey

Not going forward; had been ordered straight to series
STUDIO:  FremantleMedia North America/A+E Studios
TEAM: R.J. Cutler (w, d, ep), David Israel (w)
LOGLINE: Political thriller looks at how one of the nation’s biggest political scandals unfolded – from the revelation that President Clinton was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky, through the political combat that saw Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrich, Prosecutor Ken Starr, Congressman Bob Livingston and many others dominating the national headlines. It goes inside Republican and Democrat war rooms, revealing the infighting among the President’s advisers, the secret back-channel negotiations between the White House and Congress, Tom DeLay’s strategy to force President Clinton out of office and the Democrats’ pressure for Clinton to resign.