BLESS THIS MESS (single camera; filming in June)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: Liz Meriwether (w, ep), Lake Bell (w, d, ep), Katherine Pope (ep)
LOGLINE: A newlywed couple gives up their drab and unfulfilling lives in NYC and moves to Nebraska to live a simpler life. It doesn’t work out like they planned.
CAST: Lake Bell

COOL KIDS (multi-camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/FX Productions
TEAM: Charlie Day (w, ep), Paul Fruchbom (w, co-ep), Rob McElhenney (ep), Glenn Howerton (ep), Kevin Abbott (ep, sr), Nick Frenkel (ep)
LOGLINE: Three guy friends in a retirement community are the top dogs until they’re blown out of the water by the newest member of the community – a female rebel who’s ready to challenge their place. It’s high school with seventysomethings.
CAST: Vicki Lawrence, David Alan Grier, Leslie Jordan, Martin Mull

DADDY ISSUES (single camera)
STUDIO: 3 Arts Entertainment/20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: Erin Foster (w, ep), Liz Meriwether (ep), Oly Obst (ep), Josh Lieberman (ep), Kat Coiro (d)
LOGLINE: Follows single thirtysomething Andi, who refuses to settle down, and her friendship with her playboy dad. Andi’s world is turned upside down when she discovers her dad has fallen in love with her best friend. Loosely based on Erin Foster’s life.
CAST: Erin Foster, Don Johnson

DAN THE WEATHERMAN (single camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox TV/Tomorrow Studios
TEAM: Steve Dildarian (w, ep), Marty Adelstein (ep), Becky Clement (ep)
LOGLINE: After getting fired from his cushy job as a weatherman at the local TV station, Dan finds it’s not enough to be a charming white man in this world. He reluctantly ends up at the neighboring Spanish TV station.

OUR PEOPLE (single camera)
STUDIO: Lee Daniels Entertainment/Endemol Shine/20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: Vali Chandrasekaran (w, ep), Lee Daniels (ep), Pam Williams (ep), Marc Velez (ep), Yossi Vassa (ep), Shai Ben-Atar (ep), Liat Shavit (ep)
LOGLINE: A man from a bombastic African family who doesn’t have a word in their native language for “privacy” and his fiancée from a Midwestern family try to build a normal life together — though nobody can agree what that “normal” means. Based on the Israeli format Nevsu: A Young Multi-Cultural Couple.

REL (multi-camera)
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: Kevin Barnett (w, ep), Josh Rabinowitz (w, ep), Lil Rel (w, ep), Mike Scully (ep, sr), Jerrod Carmichael (ep)
LOGLINE: Lil Rel, a prideful, self-made success who lives by the code to “always believe in yourself and great things will come,” finds that attitude put to the test when he learns his wife is having an affair with his own barber. He tries to rebuild his life post-divorce as a long-distance single father on the South Side of Chicago who’s on a quest for love, respect and a new barber. Inspired by Lil Rel’s real life.
CAST: Lil Rel, Jordan L. Jones, Lea Thompson


STUDIO: Annapurna Television/20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: Josh Safran (w, ep), Megan Ellison (ep), Sue Naegle (ep), Jesse Peretz (d, ep), Ali Krug (co-ep)
LOGLINE: Romantic musical drama looks at a disparate group of interconnected people in contemporary Los Angeles through the lens of the music that defines who they are — capturing the different stages of love, exploring if time can heal a broken heart and if love can withstand life’s tragedies.
CAST: Madeleine Stowe

Reconceived with new footage to be shot in March
STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television/Scott Free/6th & Idaho
TEAM: Liz Heldens (w, ep), Matt Reeves (ep), Adam Kassan (ep), Ridley Scott (ep), David W. Zucker (ep), Jason Ensler (d, ep), Justin Cronin (co-ep)
LOGLINE: What begins as a character-driven government conspiracy thriller morphs into a post-apocalyptic saga with vampires. The series spans over a century and focuses on a young girl named Amy who must save the human race. Based on Justin Cronin’s fantasy book trilogy.
CAST: Mark-Paul Gosselaar,  Saniyya Sidney, Brianne Howey, Vincent Piazza, Jamie McShane, Caroline Chikezie

STUDIO: Danny Strong Productions/20th Century Fox Television
TEAM: David Elliot (w, ep), Danny Strong (ep), Stacy Greenberg (ep)
LOGLINE: Focuses on a wrongful conviction firm led by a fierce and fearless female lawyer with a hunger for justice. The team reopens investigations, putting their own lives in danger to exonerate the innocent that were “proven” guilty. The leader’s motivation comes from her infamous past; as a young adult she was found guilty and later exonerated in a high-profile case in which she became a tabloid sensation, household name and national celebrity.  While a hero and a victim to some, her bold and bullish tactics garner her some enemies— one of whom will do anything to see her go down for a crime we know she did not commit. She defends others as she fights to maintain her own innocence.
CAST: Russell Hornsby

STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television/Miramax
TEAM: Robert Levine (w, ep), Dennis Lehane (ep)
LOGLINE: Armed with their wits, street knowledge and an undeniable chemistry, private detectives Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro right wrongs that the law can’t in the working-class Boston borough of Dorchester. Based on the novel by Dennis Lehane.

STUDIO: 20th Century Fox Television/3 Arts Entertainment
TEAM: Ilene Chaiken (w, ep), Melissa Scrivner Love (w, ep), Judy Smith (ep), Oly Obst (ep)
LOGLINE: FBI Special Agent Clementine Otis is in the midst of investigating a domestic terrorism threat when a personal indiscretion – an affair with a prominent general – shatters her life and threatens her career at the FBI. Now labeled “the mistress,” Clementine Otis – wife, mother, patriot – begins to rebuild her personal life and professional reputation.
CAST: Katie Holmes, Rose Rollins