MAKING FRIENDS (multi-camera)
STUDIO: Sony Pictures TV Studios
TEAM: Carter Bays (w, ep), Craig Thomas (w, ep), Seth Rogen (ep), Evan Goldberg (ep), Pam Fryman (d, ep), Brian Brockrath (ep), James Weaver (ep)
LOGLINE: Mark is a brilliant guy with an artificial intelligence degree who creates robots and spends his days hanging out with them as his main group of friends.
CAST: Adhir Kalyan, Georgia King

UPLOAD (single camera)
STUDIO: Deedle-Dee Productions
TEAM: Greg Daniels (w, d, ep), Howard Klein (ep)
LOGLINE: Set in a future where humans are able to “upload” themselves into their preferred choice of afterlife. When Nathan meets his early death, he is greeted by the Nora in his version of heaven. As Nathan grows accustomed to life away from his loved ones, the alive Nora struggles to stay afloat working her job alongside Nathan in the afterlife.
CAST: Robbie Amell, Andy Allo


Ordered straight to series
STUDIO: NBCUniversal International Studios/Working Title Television
TEAM: David Farr (w, ep), Marty Adelstein (ep), Becky Clements (ep), JoAnn Alfano (ep), Andrew Woodhead (ep), Scott Nemes (ep), Tim Bevan (ep), Eric Fellner (ep), Sarah Adina Smith (d, ep), Scott Herbst (co-ep), Tom Coan (co-ep), Hugh Warren (p)
LOGLINE: Equal parts a high-concept thriller and coming-of-age drama, it follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. Based on the 2011 feature film.
CAST: Mireille Enos, Joel Kinnaman, Esme Creed-Miles