To date, Martin McDonagh’s Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri has struck a chord during awards season, earning five Golden Globe nominations including Best Drama and five SAG Awards including best ensemble, the org’s top prize. While McDonagh delivered a zany comedy five years ago in the crime-action title Seven Psychopaths, he zeroes in on a serious drama involving a grieving single mother’s anger against an arguably corrupt police department which has failed to solve the case of her daughter’s rape and murder.

McDonagh and co-star Sam Rockwell talked about the making of the film last month during Deadline’s annual The Contenders at the DGA Theater. The all-day event was taken in by an SRO crowd of AMPAS and key guild voters.

Frances McDormand (who counts Globe, SAG, and Critics’ Choice best actress nominations) pulls another strong performance out of her hat as raging mother Mildred, while Rockwell is accruing awards recognition from the same groups for his portrayal as Mildred’s cop Dixon. In a divided blue-and-red-state Trump Nation, there’s something for both sides to take away in Three Billboards The film from Fox Searchlight is heading into its seventh weekend and has grossed $21.5 million to date.

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