The Simpsons has done it again. Another prediction by the hit animated Fox series has come true.

The prognostication came in a Season 10, 1998 episode titled “When You Dish Upon A Star”. A scene in the episode shows the outside of the Fox studio, where “A Division Of Walt Disney Co” is written on a sign in front of the building.

The scene continues inside the studio, where a Star Wars poster appears on the wall in an office where Ron Howard is pitching film ideas. Just so happens, Disney purchased the rights to Star Wars and Lucasfilm 14 years later in 2012. And, Howard is directing the upcoming Star Wars anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story.

The rumored Disney-Fox merger became a reality today with the official announcement that Disney was acquiring a major portion of 21st Century Fox in a game-changing deal valued at $66.1 billion.

The Simpsons’ record of its uncanny ability to predict major cultural moments includes of course, probably its most notable prediction in 2000 that Donald Trump would be elected president.

The show also predicted a Siegfried and Roy tiger attack and Lady Gaga flying through the air on a harness, something she did during the performance of her Super Bowl halftime show in 2012.