Seth Meyers didn’t toy around with subtlety last night on his take-down of network-mate Matt Lauer, whose firing from NBC’s Today yesterday was quickly followed by a months-in-the-works Variety expose that included the following detail: Lauer once gave his colleague a “sex toy” during an office party.

Addressing Lauer, Meyers, in his “Closer Look” segment of NBC’s Late Night, advised: “As a general rule, if you’re giving someone a dildo at work, you’re the dildo at work.”

Meyers riffed on the latest cadre of accused harassers, including Al Franken and John Conyers, but it was Lauer who took the brunt. About Lauer’s fondness for the game “F*ck, Marry or Kill?,” Meyers joked, “I don’t know who you married, but you killed your career and you f*cked yourself.”

There are also some jokes about Lauer’s odd secret desk button that locked his office door from the inside, but even more pointedly, Meyers offered a quick highlight reel of Lauer’s infamous interview with then-candidate Hillary Clinton, complete with all the hurry-ups and interruptions. “I’ve got 30 seconds left,” Lauer interrupts Clinton at one point, to which Meyers quips, “Eh, it was more like a year, but you were close.”

Watch the segment above.