Seth Meyers took a Closer Look last night at net neutrality, Ajit Pai’s huge coffee mug, Steve Bannon’s disheveled appearance and, best of all, the White House departure of Omarosa Manigault Newman and the pundit reaction to said exit.

On Omarosa’s insistence that she did not get her marching orders in the White House residence area but rather in the Situation Room, Meyers quipped, “I have a feeling any room Omarosa goes into becomes a Situation Room.”

First, though, the Late Night host couldn’t resist jabbing at Pai’s unsettlingly large coffee mug, which the FCC chairman casually unveiled during a press conference. “You can’t just drink from a mug that size without an explanation,” Meyers joked before making a spot-on Rick Moranis-Honey I Shrunk the Kids joke.

Then Meyers worked his way to Omarosa, including Robin Roberts’ instant-classic Omarosa kiss-off on GMA. “She says she has a story to tell and I’m sure she’ll be selling that story,” Roberts deadpanned, before ending with Ice Cube’s all-purpose get-out-of-my-face dismissal “Bye Felicia.”

Omarosa later said Roberts was being “petty” by launching “a black woman civil war.”

No doubt the former Apprentice contestant would hate the CNN clip Meyers featured as part of his Closer Look, with CNN political commentator Angela Rye summing up her feelings about Omarosa’s dismissal with a gleeful scream. Meyers said a close caption of the yell would read, “I wish her the best. Psych!”

Pivoting back to Bannon, net neutrality and the state of the Republican Party in general, Meyers ended his Closer Look. “I don’t know how long until Republicans are kicked out of office, but when it happens I hopes it’s reported like this,” at which point he cut to Robin Roberts: “Bye Felicia.”

Take a look at the segment above.