Melissa McCarthy, filling in for ABC late-night star Jimmy Kimmel, used the powerful JKL platform to debunk a ruse being perpetrated by all those scientist wingnuts and Hollywood liberals who also are trying to sell us on the notion of changing climate.

“Really smart people know it’s a ruse invented by the illuminati,” McCarthy said, losing about 20% credibility because she was dressed as a menorah at the time. McCarthy insisted Kimmel, who stayed home this week after his son’s latest heart surgery, sent her a memo that it was costume day on the show.

But there is an even bigger issue than climate change, one that has gone un-debunked for hundreds of years,” McCarthy revealed.


McCarthy made her point with help from her “less famous” friend, and Gravity Believer, Jennifer Aniston – or, as McCarthy identified her, “Junifer Ooniston.

“I have a question for Hollywood: If gravity isn’t a hoax, then why are you floating right now?” McCarthy asked Aniston.