UPDATED, Sunday, 12:51 AM: That didn’t take long: Joan Walsh, who was dropped by MSNBC after 12 years as a contributor today when she learned her contract wasn’t renewed, is heading to CNN. She announced the move earlier this evening on Twitter, where #KeepJoanWalsh was trending during the day:

No official word from the network, but now-new colleague Jake Tapper was among those welcoming her to her new gig:

PREVIOUS, Saturday, 1:27 PM: Joan Walsh, the former Salon.com editor and contributor at MSNBC for the past 12 years — and the past six under contract — will not have her deal renewed. The news hit today and is already trending on Twitter as #KeepJoanWalsh, where MSNBC personalities are joining the chorus of those disappointed by the move, which essentially moves her from retainer status to freelance.

Walsh confirmed the news this morning:

According to CNN’s Brian Stelter, not renewing Walsh’s contract does not mean she won’t appear on the network. ““Every year we review our paid contributors list across the ideological spectrum,” he said the network told him. “Unfortunately we couldn’t renew Joan, but she and her distinct perspective will still be invited on our shows.” (MSNBC did not immediately respond to Deadline’s request for comment.)

The news got quick response online, including from her MSNBC colleagues:

And others: