The Great American Baking Show has quietly announced the Season 3 winner on Facebook following the sexual misconduct scandal surrounding judge Johnny Iuzzini and ABC’s decision to pull the remaining episodes.

Vallery Lomas came out on top with Cindy Maliniak and Molly Brodak finishing as runners-up. The short Facebook video (see below) contains footage from the unaired episodes, mainly sans Iuzzini who’s seen near the end of the clip from the back.

Lomas later appeared in a Facebook Live video in which she thanked fans for their support and addressed the scandal head-on, explaining that “unfortunately because of the actions of Johnny Iuzzini, we are not able to broadcast the show as was originally planned.”

She went on to address the issue of sexual harassment and spoke of her own experiences, adding “as a woman I have experienced harassment myself, I have experienced disrespectful comments and I know first-hand the pain those comments and those actions can cause.”

She continued, saying it’s important that society take time to heal, because “the actions of Johnny, not only have they hurt the women who were in the kitchen with him, but it has spread to the other contestants, the cast and crew, and myself, his actions have caused us harm as well by not allowing us to share our love of baking with all of you.”

Claims against Iuzzini first surfaced days after Thanksgiving when Mic posted a story in which four former employees described allegations of sexual harassment and abuse while working under Iuzzini at a New York restaurant between 2009 and 2011. It followed up with a second report Tuesday in which four more women came forward with new allegations.

Iuzzini denied the charges in a statement to Mic, saying they were “simply untrue.”

You can watch Lomas video below: