Feminist icon Gloria Steinem was among the women appointed today to a new Vice committee on conduct and inclusivity in the workplace. The committee was formed in the wake of a male Vice executive’s suspension for alleged inappropriate conduct and the start of an investigation into other allegations raised by a female former associate producer.

Joining Steinem on the newly formed, all-female committee are attorney Roberta Kaplan, former Obama staffer Alyssa Mastromonaco, former Michelle Obama chief of staff Tina Tchen, former Hillary Clinton senior policy advisor Maya Harris, Vice global chief human resources officer Susan Tohyama and CFO/COO Sarah Broderick, and Broadly publisher Ariel Wengross.

The committee will be charged with improving the workplace culture at Vice and instituting policies and procedures to head off future incidents. The committee arrives after a report detailing allegations by former associate producer Phoebe Barghouty surfaced. Barghouty accused two male bosses of inappropriate conduct, and claimed that Vice’s human resources department did not take major action on the claims.

Former film documentary unit head Jason Mojica was suspended today while an investigation is being conducted. The other accused, Kaj Larsen, had already left the company.