As more details and allegations continue to emerge about Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, both men are doing the “responsible thing and pretending to get help,” Trevor Noah said, dripping cynicism, at the top of The Daily Show.

He’s referencing press reports that both men have checked into a $55K treatment facility called Gentle Path, in Arizona. It reportedly offers a 45-day men’s in-patient treatment program for “sexual addiction issues,” including art therapy, a fitness center, pool, and yoga in a secluded desert setting.

While the tony facility previously has hosted Hollywood types in similar situation, the optics here don’t play well any more, Noah noticed.

“Wow! Yoga by the pool sounds less like rehab and more like the prize you win on Wheel of Fortune,” he snarked.

“What is this? Rich people are having a good time,” he scoffed. “This is how rich people get punished! Where do poor people go for sex rehab. Prison?”

Mining the comedy, Noah conceded that, in Arizona, the local foliage has a fighting chance of defending itself “if Harvey tries to jack off into them,” as a photo of a cactus popped up on screen.

Addressing the two men and their crisis-management experts, Noah explained,  “Going to sex rehab does not absolve you if you committed sex crimes. We’re not stupid guys.”