Indie production company The WorkShop will begin production later this month on Shame: The Story of Sexual Harassment in Hollywood, an eight-part original series that will examine Hollywood sex scandals throughout the years.

Shame will look at a variety of issues starting with the “casting couch mentality” that dates back to the days of silent films. From “Fatty” Arbuckle to Alfred Hitchcock to Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein, The Workshop says viewers will see how actors, directors and producers have for decades used their power as a permission slip to engage in unsolicited, abusive behavior.

Each episode will have the look and feel of a modern day documentary, including interviews with  journalists, celebrities, victims, mental health experts and industry insiders, supported by recent and archival footage and photographs. The series will also explore some of the peripheral issues surrounding the scandal, such as how many people would lose their jobs if a series is canceled.