“Congress has been rocked by its own own sexual misconduct allegations this week, with Sen. Al Franken being accused of sexual harassment, and yet more women coming forward to accuse Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore of assaulting them as teenagers,” Seth Meyers said on Thursday night’s Late Night.

Meyers discussed the “awful” claims made against the former Saturday Night Live regular, by conservative radio host Leeann Tweeden, then moved on to note those Republicans still defending Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. This, despite more women coming forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct when they were teens. That list of defenders includes Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks who explains that the conservative agenda is “vastly more important than contested sexual allegations from four decades ago.”

Some Republicans are desperate to ignore questions about Moore because those who say they believe his accusers then get asked why they don’t believe women who have accused President Donald Trump of assault.

That also explains why Trump won’t take any questions on Moore these days, Meyers said.

Supporting Moore is getting pretty tough, what with reports about his having been banned from the YMCA and a local shopping mall when he was in his 30s and allegedly using those locations to pick up teens. Lindsey Graham has weighed in on that, saying “I’ve met a lot of people in the mall. And, if you’re getting kicked out of the mall, that’s a pretty bad situation to find yourself in.”

Snarked Meyers: “I agree. But why have you been at the mall?” [Answer: politician]

But the highlight of Meyers’ segment was the clip of Moore’s lawyer explaining to MSNBC’s Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle why 30something Moore always asked permission of teenage girls’ mothers before dating them. It somehow involved “other countries” where parents make “arrangements” for their daughters, which he suggested Velshi would understand.

“Ali’s from Canada!” Ruhle snapped, demanding to know what Velshi being from Canada had to do with Roy Moore dating 14 year olds.