President Donald Trump’s former campaign national co-chair Sam Clovis has ixnayed his own nomination to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s top scientist post. This after the Washington Post this morning reminded the conservative radio host/climate change skeptic that he lacked any research or agricultural science experience.

Maybe more to the point, it was only a matter of time before people began speculating over who would be cast to play him in the inevitable made-for-TV movie about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia campaign-meddling investigation. Various news outlets Wednesday unveiled Clovis as the unnamed “campaign supervisor” in Mueller’s indictments, with whom George Papadopoulos exchanged emails about meeting with suspected Russian officials. TV news outlets gorged themselves on that that Clovis feast Thursday morning.

“The political climate inside Washington has made it impossible for me to receive balanced and fair consideration for this position,” Clovis complained in his statement Thursday morning.

“The relentless assaults on you and your team seem to be a blood sport that only increases in intensity each day. As I am focused on your success and the success of this administration, I do not want to be a distraction or negative influence, particularly with so much important work left to do for the American people,”  Clovis added in his withdrawal statement addressed to President Donald Trump.