The day after 20 churchgoers were gunned down in Texas, Jordan Klepper dared to open The Opposition with searing dark humor, in which he responded to this latest mass shooting – once he figured out which one it was.

“Yesterday, an angry deranged man with a gun took innocent lives in a kind of violence none of us thought we’d ever see,” Klepper’s faux alt-right gasbag began, sitting behind an anchor desk piled high with newspapers.

“Our nation experienced a heartbreaking unparalleled tragedy,” he continued, reading from the front page at the top of the heap. It was the wrong deranged-man-with-gun-takes-innocent-lives headline, dated October 1 with a Las Vegas dateline.

After Klepper read the wrong headline, he finally threw up his hands in exasperation and shouted at a producer off-camera. “These are all mass shootings from this year?! This is too much! We need to do something about – this desk! How am I supposed to tell any of these apart?”

“No other desk in the developed world looks like this!!” Klepper ranted.