On Night 2 of Conan‘s week at New York’s Apollo Theater, Jon Stewart showed up to challenge former New Yorker Conan O’Brien to take the NYC Citizenship Test.

“You don’t know sh*t about this place; you never did,” Stewart growled.

“Your quiz does not frighten me,” O’Brien shot back.

“Perhaps that’s because you wrote it,” Stewart deadpanned.

“Let’s bet back into the premise,” O’Brien joked:

How many boroughs are there in NYC? “That’s easy, five,” O’Brien answered.

What is the population of Manhattan? “That’s easy, 1.6 million.”

“I just want to make it clear,” Stewart interrupted. “No one has any f*cking idea how many people there are in Manhattan.”

Back to the questions:

What NYC institution holds representatives of more than 193 nations?: “The F train.”

You knew you were back in New York when? “I saw Pizza Rat getting into an Uber Black.”

O’Brien made a plug for Stewart’s upcoming Night of Too Many Stars fundraiser, premiering November 18 on HBO, adding that viewers who donate are eligible for a chance to co-host TBS’ Conan for a night.