Fox News Channel topped cable news networks in total viewers and the news demo Tuesday, when President Donald Trump delivered his golf-club-plugging address to the South Korean National Assemble and Democrats took key elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

Guess which story FNC focused on? Sean Hannity spent a whopping six seconds — that’s seconds — discussing the Dem electoral wins in those two states, according to Politico’s stopwatch.

MSNBC topped CNN in primetime and full day (6 AM-2 AM) on Tuesday, in both metrics.

In primetime, FNC logged 3.14M viewers and 684K news-demo viewers; MSNBC averaged 2.53M and 653K, respectively; while CNN tallied 1.52M and 562K.

In full day, FNC’s 2.03M and 416K topped MSNBC’s 1.36M and 320K as well as CNN’s 901K and 298K.

Rachel Maddow’s 9 PM program was MSNBC’s most watched of the day, logging 2.76M viewers of whom 695K fell in the key 25-54 age bracket. Anderson Cooper, also in the 9 PM hour, was that network’s most watched program with 1.563M viewers including 560K in the age bracket.

But Hannity’s FNC show – still same slot – topped the pack. Hannity clocked 3.57M viewers of all ages, of whom a slot dominating 786K fell into the key demo.