David Boxerbaum, who at Paradigm established himself as the most prolific seller of spec scripts around, has left that agency and joined Verve as a partner and lit agent. Boxerbaum brings with him a roster of directors, writers and producers and the move is immediate after being rumored for the past few days.

In a joint statement, the partnership said, “We are thrilled to be working with David and for the founders that means a reunion. David embodies the principles that this company was founded upon, hard work, passion for the business, strategic thinking and a willingness to go through hell and back on behalf of the clients. We think he’s cool.”

Said Boxerbaum: “Verve has a tremendous reputation for its quality and first-class representation. I am thrilled to be joining such a disruptive and forward-thinking agency.”

Boxerbaum becomes the agency’s sixth partner alongside Bryan Besser, Adam Levine, Amy Retzinger, Adam Weinstein and Bill Weinstein. He was not a partner at Paradigm.

Boxerbaum began his career working for producer Jerry Bruckheimer before moving to the William Morris Agency, and then Endeavor. He spent the last six years as a leader in the literary group at Paradigm. He has been on a tear this year, selling around 16 spec scripts.