Updates from Comic-Con throughout Rufus Sewell’s John Smith, Obergruppenfuhrer at the dark heart of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, comes face to face, metaphorically speaking, with actual physical evidence of a truly different world in this Season 3 clip.

In the clip – making its debut at New York Comic-Con today – Sewell’s character has been summoned to a lab where a “film courier” from another part of the multiverse is strapped, apparently unconscious, to an examination table. “I don’t understand,” says a stunned Smith. “So you’re saying that different versions of us exist in other worlds?”

Sewell, speaking on the Comic-Con panel “The World of Philip K. Dick – The Man in the High Castle and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” moderated by Deadline’s Dominic Patten, said the trailer shows a big moment for his character.

“One of the interesting things that happens is that the world does start to crack open for John Smith,” Sewell said, catching his mistake and correcting, “The worlds start to crack open…”

Though the panelists – including producers/writers and cast from High Castle as well as Amazon’s upcoming Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – wouldn’t reveal significant spoilers for High Castle‘s 2018 Season 3, they did confirm that the show would deal even more significantly with alternate universes.

Also repping High Castle on the panel were exec producers Eric Overmyer and Dan Percival; cast newcomer Jason O’Mara (he’ll play a general named Wyatt Price; Sewell and Alexa Davalos; and exec producer – and Dick’s daughter – Isa Dick Hackett.

As for Sewell’s character, the new season will continue to explore the price paid for his political ambitions. “He’s an ambitious man but not for himself,” Sewell said about the show’s lead nazi. “In some twisted way (the ambition) is for his family.” John Smith, he said, is on “a cliff that you can only hold onto or climb.”

Sewell also addressed the sometimes uncomfortable ways in which playing the role enters his real life. Warning to fans he encounters on the street: “There is no way to ironically sieg heil.” So don’t even try.

Asked by Patten to address the show’s alternative history (in which the Nazis won World War II) and the visibility of America’s neo-nazi movement on tragic display in Charlottesville, Dick’s daughter was unsparing.

“It’s such a horrifying thing,” said Hackett, and a constant challenge for the series in dealing with Nazi iconography. She quoted her late father as a sort of rallying cry and driving force:

“He said 40 years ago ‘The enemy is fascism wherever it exists,’ and that will be what we dive deep into with our storytelling.”

Check out the Season 3 clip of The Man in the High Castle above.