Former Today co-host and MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall announced in July that she was teaming with Weinstein Television on a daily daytime talk show in which she would serve as host and executive producer.

Now, Hall is speaking with her agents about the future of the talk show development deal she signed with The Weinstein Company in the wake of The New York Times exposé detailing “horrifying” sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein, she told Huffington Post in an interview.

“It’s a woman’s worst nightmare to be in a situation where you believe someone more powerful has control over your life,” Hall told HuffPo. “I immediately thought about the women who have suffered in silence and were paralyzed by fear; fear that I’ve seen with domestic violence survivors; fear that I’ve seen when I interviewed women who were raped on their college campuses.”

Hall told the publication she got to know Weinstein in February shortly after she decided to leave NBC and MSNBC. She said that Weinstein never behaved inappropriately with her, but what really matters is what he has admitted to doing and what his accusers have said.

In addition to the talk show, Hall was to collaborate with TWC on the development of additional nonscripted programming, utilizing her experience in hard journalism, human-interest stories and entertainment content.