“I don’t know if you’ve been paying attention but internal strife is tearing the Republican party apart at the seams,” Stephen Colbert said of the internecine fighting that’s been simmering for a while but erupted into all-out war on Tuesday.

“It’s like a new Civil War, but neither side is trying to help black people,” Colbert described.

In a new segment called “Cork a Sock In It” – a name Colbert said was his ide before somebody else blamed him for it – he described how Corker fired the first shot, going on morning shows to blast Trump for debasing the country, saying he barely has a relationship with the truth. This triggered a Trump Twitter tantrum, in the course of which POTUS spelled Corker’s state “Tennesse.”

Corker previously called Trump’s White House an “adult day-care center” which Colbert took issue with, noting Trump needs a night shift, because he does things at night, like a raccoon. But Trump’s message also needs some work, Colbert said, advising “Quick tip:  if you’re ripping a politician, it helps to spell the name of their state right.”