Update with video “Get out of there, Mike!” is tonight’s new Saturday Night Live catchphrase, with Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump yelling the warning repeatedly to Beck Bennett’s Mike Pence in the cold open as the Veep infiltrated a Pacers’ game, a Starbucks and a two-groom wedding, looking for any number of offensive things to walk out on.

So far, though, no Harvey Weinstein jokes.

In the cold open, Baldwin’s Trump addresses a group gathered in Harrisburg, PA, pronounced “Harass-berg” by Baldwin, which might or might not be a Harvey joke. Trump repeatedly phones Pence to check on whether basketball players are kneeling, Starbucks is serving coffee in Christmas cups and a wedding has a bride and groom.

“Get out of there, Mike!”  Trump screams with each Pence update. “Bail!”

Baldwin’s Trump also takes on Eminem, and pledges to release his own rap on White Entertainment Network. Watch the cold open above.

Tonight’s guest host is Kumail Nanjiani, with musical guest Pink.