Seth Meyers took a closer look at Republicans’ response to the country’s gun violence epidemic after spending a few minutes on party leader President Donald Trump’s visit to hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, where he lobbed free paper towels at residents.

Puerto Rico “was hit with a Category 5 hurricane and you are handing out paper towels? How absorbent do you think they are? One million-ply?”

The government’s response to the crisis in Puerto Rico raises the basic question as to whether you can count on it for help when you need it. If you are wealthy, you can, Meyers advised. “As we speak, Trump and Republicans in Congress are working on a plan to spend $2 trillion on tax cuts for richest Americans. But what about victims of Hurricane Maria  – or victims of the horrific shooting in Vegas? We shouldn’t have to plead with our government to do something after a tragedy. And yet, here we are. The only gun bills Republicans have taken up recently would actually loosen gun laws.”

That includes one that would make it far easier to obtain silencers for guns. Which, advocates argue, is NOT about militarizing weapons but about preventing gun-owner hearing loss. One of the bill’s sponsors, South Carolina Rep.  Jeff Duncan says that, in Europe, it’s considered to be neighborly.

“Oh, suddenly Republicans care about what Europe does?” Meyers marveled. “Because in Europe it’s also considered neighborly to give everyone healthcare, make college free, and take naps in the middle of the day. Also, Europe has like five guns total.”