EXCLUSIVE: Just in time for tomorrow’s Frankfurt Book Fair: Flatiron Books bought North American pub rights to The Dinner List, the first adult novel by Rebecca Serle. Her YA series Famous In Love was turned by Serle and Pretty Little Liars creator Marlene King into a series for Warner Bros Television and Disney’s Freeform that is going into its second season. Serle’s debut novel When You Were Mine is being adapted by scribes Scott Neustadter & Michael Weber at Universal.

The film rights on The Dinner List will be shopped by Dan Farah and WME, which is also brokering the book deals.

The Dinner List is set in New York City, and mixes the kind of magical realism and wish fulfillment seen in films like Midnight in Paris. It takes place in one evening when a woman arrives at her birthday dinner party to mysteriously find everyone on her dream “dinner list” waiting at the table, the answer to the proverbial question if you could have dinner with a group consisting of anyone who would it be? Ready Player One producer Farah and Serles are attached as producers, as they are on Famous In Love.