Netflix has upped Jessica Neal to Chief Talent Officer, filling a post that had been vacant since April with the departure of Tawni Cranz, who exited after 10 years at the company. Neal, who began at Netflix from its inception in 2006 to 2013, left and then returned earlier this year, will lead the group responsible for culture, human resources, recruiting, and coaching the global team.

“I’ve worked with Jessica a long time and have seen her operate with skill, confidence and integrity in many different situations,” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said. “I’m confident she’ll be a great role model for our culture and push us to be ever better as people and as a global team.”

Neal left in 2013 to become head of human resources at Coursera, which provides online access to the world’s best university courses. She later was Chief People Officer at Scopely, a mobile gaming company. She returned to Netflix this year and had been overseeing HR for the 2,000-person product engineering team.

The promotion to chief recruiter among other roles comes more than a year after Netflix became embroiled in a lawsuit with 20th Century Fox over claims the streaming service poached of two senior Fox executives. Currently in arbitration, the dustup saw Netflix essentially challenging the basis of employment contract law in the state of California in defending its actions over Fox’s protests.