Director, producer and Oscar-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o has detailed yet another series of Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment encounters. In an essay in the New York Times, Nyong’o told of several explicit passes Weinstein tried to foist on her early in her career.

“I had shelved my experience with Harvey far in the recesses of my mind, joining in the conspiracy of silence that has allowed this predator to prowl for so many years, Nyong’o wrote of her reasons for speaking out now. “I had felt very much alone when these things happened, and I had blamed myself for a lot of it, quite like many of the other women who have shared their stories.”

But Nyong’o said the memories have resurfaced, and she was “sick in the pit of my stomach” when she realized the Weinstein incidents were not unique, but “part of a sinister pattern of behavior.”

Her essay details initially meeting Weinstein in 2011. Weinstein at first charmed her, so she was not cautious when he invited her to his Connecticut home, ostensibly to watch a movie with his family. But first, they stopped at a local restaurant for lunch, where Weinstein tried to get her to drink alcohol.

When they got to his home, they met his domestic staff and young children. They then went to his private screening room. But 15 minutes into the film, Weinstein lured her to another part of the house. When they arrived at his bedroom, he asked for a massage.