With Alex Moffat doing a fine Anderson Cooper (he even nails the Kewper pronunciation) and Kate McKinnon pulling double duty as Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton, Saturday Night Live‘s multi-tasking parody of It easily topped the roster of sketches and digital shorts on last night’s Kumail Nanjiani-hosted episode.

The premise had CNN’s Cooper miffed to hear that Conway will be making a return to his panel, then, wandering outside on a rainy night, comes face-to-sewer, It-style, with the demented Conway clown Kellywise.

“I’m not scared of anything,” Cooper says, only to flinch when Kellywise holds up a newspaper proclaiming a Trump re-election (and then another horror headline: “Anderson Cooper Fat Now”).

Soon enough, a possessed Hillary makes an appearance, along with Cecily Strong’s Rachel Maddow. And there will be blood.

Take a look at “Kellywise” above.

Strong had a good SNL – perhaps better than host Nanjiani, who wasn’t particularly well-served by SNL‘s writers this week.

Strong’s other notable entries included a visit as Ivana Trump on Weekend Update (“Push buttons? I cannot push buttons with these nails.”), and, even better, as Melania Trump in a dreamy bit about her long-distance bond with a call service operator (Nanjiani) and a pet spider in a gold box.

Here are both segments: