Attorney Gloria Allred today introduced a fourth actress she is representing in the unfolding saga of women who assert that they were assaulted or otherwise sexually abused by Harvey Weinstein.

In a graphic and powerful statement, Natassia Malthe, a Norwegian-born actress (Elektra) and producer, described an incident at a London hotel in 2008, in which she was awakened in the middle of the night by Weinstein’s pounding on her door. “When I opened the door, he barged into the room,” and, she said, after making it clear that she did not want to have any kind of sexual relationship with him, he assaulted her against her will.

“I played dead” during the assault, she said. “Afterwards, I laid there in complete disgust.” Asked if the London attack fit the definition of rape, Allred said it qualified as sexual assault that involved non-consensual penetration, and that is rape.

Malthe also related a second incident of alleged sexual impropriety by Weinstein at a hotel in Los Angeles, in which an aide led her into his suite and then left them alone.

“Hollywood men should not be allowed to force women to gratify them sexually,” the actress said. Weinstein has insisted that sexual contacts with any of the women who have come forward were consensual.

At today’s press conference in New York City, which followed one yesterday with Weinstein accuser Mimi Haylei, Allred also said she had been notified only last night by representatives of The Weinstein Company that the studio board would not meet with her.

“Two weeks ago, I asked to meet with the board,” Allred said. “We were notified last night that the Weinstein board would not meet with me.” Later she clarified that the company had agreed for her to meet with the company’s lawyers, but not with the remaining members of the board itself. “That was not acceptable to me,” she said.

Allred said she had planned to deliver a proposal to the board that she would now make public today. The major points were that TWC “create a substantial fund to be held in trust for the victims” of sexual assault alleged to have been made by Harvey Weinstein.

The proposal outlined the right of any alleged victim to make a confidential claim, in writing under oath, and have an opportunity to submit corroborating statements.

The proposal suggested arbitration to determine settlements prior to further legal action. “We urge The Weinstein Company to embrace this proposal.”

“It is time for the Weinstein Company to put their money where their mouths are,” Allred said. “Action and concrete steps are needed.”