French President Emmanuel Macron has begun the process to remove Harvey Weinstein’s Legion d’Honneur distinction, he told local news, and tweeted, tonight. This comes as Weinstein, who is facing a mounting barrage of allegations of sexual harassment and assault, was booted from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences on Saturday.

Several French actresses have spoken out in recent about incidents with the disgraced mogul, and news of the ongoing situation continues to be one of the leads on local news here. The Cannes Film Festival last week condemned Weinstein’s “unpardonable behavior.”

Last week, Weinstein’s BAFTA membership was suspended while a group of senior British politicians urged Prime Minister Theresa May to strip his Commander of the British Empire title.

Macron, who was elected in May, told TF1, “Yes, I have begun the steps to remove (Weinstein’s) Légion d’Honneur… I asked the Grand Chancellor of the Order to begin a disciplinary procedure. He will make the decision.”

Macron also tweeted tonight:

Weinstein was bestowed with the Légion d’Honneur in 2012. It is removable either because of a criminal conviction, or owing to acts contrary to the honor or those that harm the interests of France.