CBS Films president Terry Press Marx said today in a Facebook post that she would resign her membership with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences if the Oscar organization didn’t remove Harvey Weinstein. She is among the first to publicly call on the movie academy to jettison Weinstein from its ranks, and comes a week after the first of several bombshell exposés alleging Weinstein carried out decades of sexual harassment and abuse against women.

The Academy has called a special meeting of its Board of Directors for Saturday to discuss the scandal and what action might be taken against Weinstein.

“If the Academy does not kick him out, I am resigning my Academy membership,” Press Marx said in a post that included a link to a recent Vanity Fair article listing the women who have come forward with allegations against Weinstein. “Maybe its [sic] possible that some people did not know about his sick and debased behavior..but what is not possible for ANYONE to stay [sic] they didn’t know he was a sociopathic bully who has always mistreated his employees and staff, displayed monstrous narcissism and cruelty and enjoyed being a sadist. The idea that anyone would give him a second chance or entertain that notion that he can change is beyond absurd.”

Weinstein has denied any of the allegations allegations of non-consensual sex. On Sunday he was fired from The Weinstein Company, which he co-founded with his brother. The NYPD and London police are currently looking into the complaints.

Hollywood has been severing ties with Weinstein since the reports broke last week, with BAFTA revoking its membership yesterday. Today, Hachette Publishing Group said it was dropping its Weinstein Books label.