With Gal Gadot hosting, NBC’s Saturday Night Live had little choice but to go there – there being Themyscira, the Amazonian home island of Wonder Woman.

The sketch, freely blending mythologies of Themyscira and Lesbos, begins as a warrior-garbed tribe of Amazons is practicing some close-contact battle maneuvers when two modern-day lesbians (played by Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon) drift ashore.

After considerable signal-crossing and disappointment, the newcomers eventually leave the not-so out & proud island for the more welcoming shores of Lesbos, but not before McKinnon and Gadot share a long, passionate but joyless (for one of them anyway) smooch.

The bit was clever enough, and featured the episode’s rare moment when Gadot actually looked away from the teleprompter to make eye contact with her scene mates. (Generally speaking, Gadot’s fixed-gaze performance throughout the episode fell a bit short even of Ryan Gosling’s giggly turn last week).

Here’s Gadot sharing a “First Date” with Kenan Thompson’s O.J. Simpson:

Other sketches this week included Pete Davidson’s “The Chosen One,” in which his Beavis and/or Butthead-like video game nerd gets called into action by a gang of Lord of the Rings types.

“Espionage” had super spy Gadot trying to web-chat with police (Kenan Thompson, Alex Moffat, Luke Null) only to have her signal continually interrupted by some web porn ladies (Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong).

Gadot also had the featured spot in “The Maiden and the Mice,” a Cinderella style fractured fairy tale in which the poor girl’s gown is stitched up by a trio of mice (Kyle Mooney, Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant). Sort of a rags-to-rags story, with laughs as scarce as riches. Cute mice though.

“Mirage” was a see-it-from-a-mile bit in which two thirsty desert wanderers hallucinate everything from an enticing Gadot to a juice stand:

Better was this faux promo for new programming at E!, with Gadot as Kendall Jenner, McKinnon as Bella Hadid, Melissa Villaseñor as Gwen Stefani, Luke Null as Blake Shelton and Chris Redd as Kanye West.