Donald Trump just tweeted that Pennsylvania Rep. Tom Marino has informed him he is withdrawing his name from consideration as drug czar. Trump had signaled today’s Marino pull-out at Monday’s wild Rose Garden pop-up presser, when he trotted out his “He’s a good man” gag that Trump saves for people in his orbit who are about to have nothing good happen to them.

Among many headline-making moments at the presser, Trump said he would take another look at his Drug Czar nominee in light of the 60 Minutes/Washington Post report that came out over the weekend. That report suggested Marino became BFF of giant drug companies that peddle opioids. Marino sponsored legislation that effectively made it much more difficult for DEA to crack down on suspicious narcotics shipments from drug distribution companies, stripping the agency of its authority, the news outlets reported. When NBC News asked Trump about it at yesterday’s Rose Garden surprise presser, Trump said he was very concerned about the report.

Marino was one of Trump’s early supporters. In this morning’s tweet, Trump insisted Marino “is a fine man and a great Congressman.”

Trump also said yesterday he would make written declaration of national emergency on opioids next week.