Some might have been critical about calls for gun control following the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas on Sunday, saying it’s disrespectful to discuss politics so soon, but Disney CEO Bob Iger railed against that idea at the Vanity Fair summit on Tuesday. “I don’t think this is politics,” he said. “I think this is a crisis.”

Iger also compared the level of disgust over the incident to the furor surrounding the NFL protest. “In this day and age we get outraged when an athlete doesn’t stand for the national anthem, where is the outrage here?” he said. “We have the worst record in the modern world when it comes to gun violence and gun deaths. We should be demanding a dialogue about this from our politicians and demanding some productive action.”

The deaths of 59 people in Las Vegas directly affected Iger and Disney, since one of those who died was Carrie Barnette, a cast member who worked at the Pacific Wharf Cafe in Disney California Adventure in Anaheim. Two other Disney staff members were wounded.

“We probably had more than 50 people there [at the shooting scene],” Iger said. “We spent a good part of the day trying to track everybody down, found out immediately one had been shot and was in surgery, then found out later in the day one had been killed and found out another had been shot. It’s been a very trying time — not just for us but for so many people. … There’s a lot of mourning going on right now at Disney.”

During the discussion at the summit, Iger also confirmed he will definitely be stepping down from Disney. “I’m leaving in 2019 — and this time I mean it,” he said. “It’s time, and I’ve thought about a lot of very different things and what my life could look like post Disney, and I’m very excited about it.”