Conan O’Brien visited Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, where talk immediately turned to David Letterman, who previously hosted the program at the Ed Sullivan Theater. O’Brien was there to plug his November 7 return stand at the Apollo Theatre as part of TBS’ alliance with the New York Comedy Festival.

Conan, who wrote a much-quoted tribute as Dave was stepping down, said he got a message Dave was sending  a token of  his appreciation. Next day, just before his TBS late-night show was set to tape, Conan got word a truck with his gift was stuck at the Warner Bros. studio security gate, because it was too too wide to enter.

“He’s a car guy; I’m thinking he’s giving me a vintage Porsche,” Conan confessed.


It was not. It was a horse named Dave who was “crazy,” and who he had to feed and board and could not ride. Two years in, “By this point one of my children is no longer being schooled, this is costing so much. It’s the boy; it wasn’t going to work out anyway – he’s good with his hands,” Conan explained.

Conan’s wife found a new home for the horse as a massage mannequin.

Nine minutes later, Conan had exhausted his Dave the Horse theme, as well as Colbert, who Conan wanted to make sure was “okay.”

“It’s like a vacation,” Colbert insisted.

“I asked you a question, and we’re nine minutes into your answer. When you get a guest like you, how excited are you” that you can kick back and do nothing, the host wondered.

‘I don’t get guests like me,” Conan snickered, winning the show.

Conan explained to Colbert that he had just complimented himself “while putting down my show,” and then waved to the crowd, calling that a “late-night  TV trifecta.”

Colbert kept Conan around to do the heavy lifting for two more segments, during which he talked about his trip to Israel and visiting an ER in a tough part of LA when he had to have his Harvard ring cut off after jamming his finger playing basketball. Which you can watch here: